Our vision

SPIO Systems’ vision is to serve our clients by developing and manufacturing optical systems with high degree of complexity, quality and stability.

​We will become the technology leader in advanced optical systems based on Stacked Planar Integrated Optics (SPIO) and Nanoscale 3D structures

Our history

SPIO​ Systems was founded in 2020 but, we build upon a long history of succesful companies in the optics industry in Denmark.

Our founders have extensive knowledge in master design and manufacturing for optics as well as sub-micron accurate alignment and assembly from Kaleido, Millpond, and Ibsen Photonics.

We have partnered with Stensborg, who is a leading manufacturer of roll-to-plate replication ​machines.

Our team

Henrik Madsen

CEO & Co-founder

Annemiek Chall

Optical Engineer

Per Ibsen

Investor & Co-founder

Asger Pedersen

R&D Engineer

Christine Dam

R&D Engineer

Eddie Hjelm Pedersen

R&D Engineer

Veera Akshay

Student assistant


Henrik Madsen

CEO, Investor and Board member

Per Ibsen

Business Angle, Board member

Lars Loftager Jørgensen

Board member

Torben Jacobsen

Chairman of the Board, Investor and Business Angel

Jan Stensborg

Board member